Social Governments

This week’s blog focuses on how governments use social media to connect with their public and how this is different, if at all, from how businesses and other organisations use it. What drives governments to use social media, and why might they choose not to? With such a large proportion of us using social media, [...]


How business is using social media

We all know social media is a powerful tool and that has so many uses for so many things. But if you are a small business owner and you don’t have a huge budget to employ a specialist team to manage your online presence, what good is it to you? Social media for the small [...]

Who Reads Blogs Anyway!

Why blog? I mean no body actually reads these thing right? Wrong! According to WordPress they now power 26% of the web. WOW! You know that line you hear in stories, "Well, turns out I'm not alone..."? Hmmmm, can't really say that here. Because maybe, as it turns out, I might just be alone... Up until [...]

What is Social Media

When I hear people say social media, a number of images pop into my head. I see those little icons for the apps on our phone or computer - Facebook, twitter, snapchat and so on. I think about being excited to share about the awesome thing I did over the weekend. I think about relationship [...]